06 Oct 2022

GatiShakti’s network planning group recommends three road connectivity project

New Delhi: The Network Planning Group constituted under PM GatiShakti National Master Plan has examined and recommended three road connectivity projects, the commerce and industry ministry said on Monday.

These projects are: construction of a four-lane highway from Gazipur - Ballia - Uttar Pradesh/Bihar state border, improvement and up-gradation of existing road from two-lane to four–lane in Uttar Pradesh and Moradabad & Kashipur bypasses in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand.

The ministry said the proposal for a four-lane highway from from Gazipur - Ballia - UP/Bihar State Border to connect the economic centres for (Lucknow, Varanasi, Azamgarh, and Mau cities) for better freight flow, and interstate multimodal connectivity in Uttar Pradesh.

“This will ensure shortest connectivity from south Bihar to Delhi. At Buxar a bridge on river Ganga is being constructed with spur which will enhance connectivity of South Bihar to Delhi The project will reduce travel time between Lucknow – Patna by 3.5 Km/hr for seamless traffic, and interstate connectivity. The highway will serve the Lucknow defense corridor at two points (Banaras and Pruvanchal expressway)," it said.

In a statement, the ministry said, “The proposal was to make 2 lane roads into 4 lanes for upgradation and improvement of the roads in Uttar Pradesh. The proposal is for 4 – a lane bypass Palia – Shahjahanpur – Hardoi – Lucknow."

“This project is a part of strategic border roads of Indo – Nepal border road project (INBRP) of Ministry of Home Affairs providing connectivity to Indo – Nepal border and facilitating SSB mobility. It will also ensure connectivity to Bardoi National Park. It will also enhance the freight flow and traffic movement", it added.

The proposal was for a 4-lane Moradabad & Kashipur bypasses in UP, Uttarakhand for decongestion, and to reduce travel time.

“The project provides interstate connectivity between Uttar Pradesh- Uttarakhand -bypass connecting major economic centers of the region. It serves as a trade route for India – Bangladesh, and India- Bhutan – Bangladesh. It will provide connectivity to Jim Corbett National Park," it said.

“All 3 projects are important for the improvement and upgradation of the roadways with a view of multimodality, easier commute, and land acquisition," it said.

Through PM GatiShakti NMP, it shall be possible to implement these projects in the coming years, it added.

The Network Planning Group comprises head of planning divisions of the infrastructure ministries, including railways and road.