17 Mar 2021

Increase demand and High Crude prices keep Bitumen prices strong

  • Crude prices continued to flirt around 70$ on continuation of production cuts by OPEC + and expectations of demand recovery.
  • Fuel oil prices also moved up along with Gas oil prices as demand picked up
  • Global Bitumen prices remained strong as demand improved and few production constraints continued capping availability.
  • India increased Bitumen prices by around 6.5 $ as the country enters peak Road Construction period. The prices in Mumbai was also corrected upwards by around 20$ to bring it in line with other Refineries in the country.
  • Singapore prices remained strong so did China and other markets in the region.
  • Iran prices remained strong with VB prices moving up and the local currency getting stronger.
  • The new year holidays in Iran and issues facing shipping affected exports resulting in some shortages of Imported packed Bitumen in Indian markets.
  • Prices are expected to remain strong on higher crude prices and strong demand.