30 Nov 2023

Network of 5,000 km roads laid by UP govt in six and half years

In order to strengthen the infrastructure and improve connectivity in Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi Adityanath government has done extensive work over the past six and a half years on the widening, strengthening and reconstruction of roads in villages, tehsils, block headquarters, international/interstate borders, sugar mill and industrial areas as well as roads falling under ‘Dharmarth’ project.

The government has laid a network of roads spanning over 5,000 kilometres across the state during this period. The Yogi government has allocated a substantial amount of around Rs 9,000 crore to complete the road works.

After assuming power in the state in 2017, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath directed the Public Works Department (PWD) to strengthen the connectivity within the state. The government instructed the PWD to connect 26 tehsil headquarters and 153 block headquarters with two-lane roads. Subsequently, Rs 2,653 crore was allocated for works on 1,617 kilometres of roads.

The department has so far connected 26 tehsil headquarters and 131 block headquarters with two-lane roads, while the work to connect the remaining 22 block headquarters with two lanes is progressing rapidly. Among these, 16 block headquarters have completed 99 per cent of the work, three block headquarters have completed 74 per cent, two block headquarters have completed 24 per cent, and one block headquarters has completed 49 per cent of the works.

Additionally, the PWD has proposed Rs 174 crore for a 48-kilometre road to connect the remaining one tehsil and 10 block headquarters with two-lane roads.

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Network of 5,000 km roads laid by UP govt in six and half years (dailypioneer.com)